Dailies On The Vine

The Mark Of Maturity

Do not be deceived. Gifting is not the mark or sign of maturity, it is the renewed mind transformed by Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit that marks a person unto maturity. (1 Corinthians chapters 1-3)

All of creation is longing, and even groaning with expectation for the revealing of God’s mature sons and daughters (Romans 8: 22,23). Maturity is not even always a measure of natural experience inasmuch as it is a supernaturally transformed mind. In other words, the revealed mindsets of Christ that are adhered to will always supersede man’s natural experience – hence the phrase “this person is very spiritually mature”, which is not based on age alone.

Once again, the evidence of gifting is not the sign of maturity, it is the adopted / transfused mindset of Christ. If you want to be a new man, you need a new mind – the mind of Christ.

Growing in gifting is profitable, however renewing your mind supersedes the fruit of the gifts abilities. To be spiritually mature is to think as Christ.

A beautiful picture is the crown of thorns that our Lord wore upon His head. What a magnificent inheritance we have; a mind of life in exchange for the mind of death. Riches too incomprehensible, though can be received all by changing one’s mind.


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