Amy Sutherland

Amy Sutherland is currently based in Atlanta, GA and is the founder of Ablaze Global Productions and currently produces and hosts “The Long Way Home” podcast on the Charisma Podcast Network, and is a co-host on the talk show The Christian View. Ablaze Global Productions is a ministry-production company formed from her dual call to minister to the church and the unreached around the globe. Investing years in ministry and the entertainment industry she has had the opportunity to develop her giftings in a unique way for such as time as this. From award winning actress and producer to speaking and ministering prophetically worldwide she desires to awaken and make ready a fiery Bride for her King. Amy serves the Body globally with prophetic words, insights, training and encouragement, though specifically ministers to leaders. Amy is a graduate of Marilyn Hickey Bible College and Harvest Missions School – Iris Ministries Africa. Amy, like a “Samuel”, has always remembered knowing the voice of Lord. From this place of responsibility, Amy’s deepest desire is to make His truths be made known; connecting a people back to their Creator – knowing Him as lover, Savior and friend.

In the yielding we yield

PRODUCE to give birth or rise to : YIELD ; to oversee the making of ; to cause to have existence or to happen: BRING ABOUT ; to give being, form, or shape to: MAKE ; the amount produced : YIELD ; agricultural products and especially fresh fruits and vegetables as distinguished from grain and other staple crops

Ablaze Global Productions ~ the flame of our heart is to yield to the Spirit to cause a yield; bringing forth burning sons and daughters who have made themselves purified vessels who bear mature fruit for the Glory of our King