Dailies On The Vine

Time Will “Tell”

Regarding the election I continue to hear “TIME WILL TELL”. The Beginning and the End holds all time, and in His hands we are held.

I am reminded of a vision I had May 8, 2020 ~
“As I began to ask the Lord what He was saying I went into another vision and I was seeing from the viewpoint as if I was in His heart or bosom. I saw His hands typing on a keyboard of a computer although I was never focused on the screen. I zoomed in and focused on His fingers, and as He typed each letter my eyes followed and watched Him type the message, “time is in My hands”. I don’t remember seeing an exclamation point, but I felt it! The Lord then clapped His hands in each other (thumb over thumb and hand holding the other hand) and kneaded them together from side to side as if He had a ball in His hands then released His hands forward swiftly toward the screen as if He was flinging something.” – excerpt from word I released “TIME IS IN MY HANDS”.

Do not be discouraged. Time is in the Lords hands, wait for what He will release. I see and hear “TIME STAMP”. TIME WILL TELL , WATCH FOR THE TIME STAMP, THERE IS A REVEAL IN THE TIME STAMP!


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