Prophetic Scripting

“The Yielding”

A brief synopsis of this last year, preparing to behold the promise and become The Bride.


You may remember at the end of September of last year while on a longer visit in California the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, “New and exciting life”. Even though I was seeking the Lord and His direction hard core at this time, I had been believing and contending for some time and in the process of so much transition, letting go, yielding etc… that it actually made me mad! I said, “Lord, I’m going to need you to confirm this!”. As if my heart was saying, “How can I believe You for something so amazing when it’s been so hard for so long? I’ve been faithful doing what I know to do!”

A short while later I went on a walk in the evening and had an angelic encounter. I passed a man on the street, and moments later he found me in the convenience store – he was holding a clear bowl with a loaf of bread in it that he brought in with him! The man’s name was of ancient Aramaic and meant “New Beginnings”, he told me his father named him among other things. (Tried to sound out his name and google it later with no avail) Anyway, I shared this experience in detail in a post – which was basically a marking point, and the beginning of the New Beginning. It was also around the Jewish New Year 5780.

Soon after I returned to Atlanta and the Lord completely changed my plans, I entered into a time of stillness and recalibration. Here He began showing me the defect in my armor – where the enemy was able to gain access and for me it had to do with my identity. A false belief. So we had to go to the very root, and deal with it – I went through hell because that’s where it came in, through witchcraft and a tragedy I went through as a child, and well I wouldn’t wish what I had to go through on you. As I shared in one of my videos, I was literally sleeping with my Bible and gun even though I knew it was spiritual, there were also physical manifestations. For three weeks in October it felt like every demon and warlock in Georgia were showing up at the door. I actually had proof of a bride of satan, and other satanists being paid to practice against me. If I were Marilyn Hickey, right now is where I would have my readers (congregation) say “yuck, yuck!”. But on a positive note, one night I had an encounter with God the Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit and the Bible while laying in bed. The one place I always questioned, Love came alive literally in the Word and moved in that place in my heart. What indescribable transformation! Then the Holy Spirit began showing me the giants in the land, as horrendous as it was, I would have to face them – but never alone, Christ in me the hope of glory….

Just like Moses, Joshua and Caleb – before the crossing over, there must first be a consecration. Consecration and purification, then taking out giants, then possessing promise land. Through the blood of Jesus, there will always “be a way where there seems to be no way”.

Even in the midst of the trial, in October, and November and December, the process continued with a deep awakening, and a few encounters and visions of things to come, things that had been hidden and not yet seen. I’m still writing about it on a larger scale, but it was beautiful because even in October while in the flames, one night during worship with just four other friends I felt old school REVIVAL and that’s when I saw the unseen gems and atomic power. It is also so generous of the Lord to show us what is to come, and to lead us to get there. All He needs is your yes, your yieldedness. You can trust Him. It was also a time of physical dreams of long ago coming to life again.

One theme reoccured regardless; who I was, and who I was not. IDENTITY. Again in a couple of my videos and posts I shared how a most valued and precious irreplaceable vintage white coat that I thought was gone forever was found and given back to me. PURITY, CALLING. In January I had a dream that was quite detailed and perplexing. I actually sent it to a trusted high level prophet and a mentor, and no one would touch it. From then to now, I have slowly put pieces of the picture together as I have been given pieces of the puzzle. Since then I have had other dreams confirming I am symbolic of THE CHURCH. In this dream however, there was one thing that happened that continuously bothered me when I would think of it – I said a duffle bag didn’t belong to me that someone was trying to give me even though it was new, bigger and better than what I owned. In real life many years ago I owned a smaller version of the same print, and unbeknownst to me at the time it was actually a diaper bag, but I used it as a purse. (lol) The Lord reminded me of another dream that I birthed a toddler child, and the toddler child’s name is connected to the person in the dream that was trying to give me the larger duffle. Current season of the last six months I knew the Lord was birthing something new – but it finally clicked. This was the part of the dream I could change and that would be dependent on it’s ending, as I was woken up before it ended when I started to turn to leave (thereby leaving it open ended). I believe the Lord was showing me again, a false belief that I didn’t think I deserved this new bag. Somewhere I had a poverty mentality that “I wasn’t good enough”. But the duffle bag was provision for the new life, it was the right size to carry what I needed for the toddler, or for the ‘big picture’.

In January and February I had two more angelic encounters, and was in an excellerated season of hearing the Lord with signs and wonders marking this time, I believe this was to encourage and build me up for what was to transpire in the coming months. March as many of you know I began what was supposed to be a 40 day fast that turned into four months. These four months were quite solitary with the Lord, allowing Him to continue to purify, cleanse, and restructure for what was to come. There was joy, pain, fire, growth and the like. But most importantly, there was Jesus, in me… In these four months, that also equalled 40 days of water fasting in my cycling of water days, I began to understand and connect with BELOVED IDENTITY. I “graduated” the fast July 1, my BIRTHday. The first week of July it was evident storms were ahead, yet I had the most amazing dream to help prepare me – in space! One day if I’m allowed to share I will! July wasn’t what I was expecting and even though there were also blessings and joy, the testing was definitely really intense! I even had physical manifestations of fire on my arms, and physical encounters that felt like I was in a boat at sea durning a storm. Last week I had another dream about IDENTITY, but this time the Lord was showing me who the adversary was and their accusation, and I had to be tested in what I learned. Praise the Lord, yesterday I “landed” from that test. I don’t know what is next but for all those who have prayed and prophesied I have a book, I used to say I wasn’t a writer, and now I say “how many”! Ha! I’ve got crazy town stories galore from this last year.

Sweet friends, it is time to behold our promise but we must yield to the process. If the Lord has spoken something similar to you – like ‘new and exciting life’, or another word or promise dare to believe Him. Regardless, I believe the ‘new and exciting life’ is not just for me personally, but also for the new era and new Church, and hopefully Bride.

I am sharing the shorter synopsis of the last 10-11 months because often there are “if” and “then’s” before we take hold of a promise. Other people like me will go through seasons before the majority so we are able to help others, warn, navigate, direct, etc. I’m not better than anyone else, I just want to encourage you to go through those hard and narrow places so that you can take hold of your promise. Say yes to Jesus, He is trustworthy! These are the days we need to know Him and His voice like none before. If you know me, you probably hear me say that I am nothing without His voice. Truly, any accomplishment, anointing, or gift… it is all because of Him.

I want to share my journey and Jesus’ desire for The Church to prepare and become The Bride. Our empowerment comes from our union with Him. We must prepare to become The Bride, we must disengage from old mindsets that do not serve our BELOVED IDENTITY in Christ. He will and has made every provision for you, but do not deny Him the honor. Respect Him.

yield, Promise, yield, Awaken, yield, Consecrate, yield, Cleanse, yield, Purify, yield, Conquer, yield, Behold, yield, Promise…

Withstand the storm, walk through the fire, burn till it is no longer a sacrifice – for His love is as strong as death, as jealous as the grave, and His voice as sweet as honey, better than life… union with Him is our reward!


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